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Off-the-shelf spray paint is a fast, convenient way to paint almost any object. But convenience aside, there are some drawbacks. Often the paint application is uneven with "runs, drips, and errors." And the over-spray often creates more problems than it's worth.

Paint Wrap Pro takes spray can painting to the next level. Based on the design of larger-scale industrial electrostatic devices, Paint Wrap Pro turns virtually any spray paint can into a unique system - one that previously was only available commercially ... and cost thousands of dollars. Paint Wrap Pro uses the principle that "opposites attract." It generates a positive charge for the paint while the part being painted has a negative charge - that attracts the paint and provides better coverage. Grounding makes the entire process completely safe. You can start "Painting Like a Pro" - with Paint Wrap Pro, from Ransburg - the inventor and global leaders in electrostatic painting technology.

Easy to handle, and equally easy to use
Ergonomic design - extremely comfortable - perfect for extended periods of use.
Totally portable - used virtually anywhere
Clean-up simple and fast
Smooth, quality finish
Less waste and little or no messy over-spray
Environment safe
Greater control, reducing the amount of paint required - a major cost-savings.

  • Provide an Exceptionally Smooth, Quality Finish...

    You'll see the difference when you compare a Paint Wrap Pro job to a standard aerosol job.

  • Save Money by Reducing Paint Waste...

    Because you have greater control over the amount of paint you spray, you'll save significantly versus standard aerosol spraying.

  • Save Time with Faster Technology...

    5 times faster "surround spray technology" that forces the paint to wrap, covering more surface area in a single pass.

  • Cleaner, and Reduces Aerosol Paint Overspray...

    if we can all cut down the amount of VOC's we put in the atmosphere we'll all win with a cleaner planet.

Although our supplier warranties the Paint Wrap Pro from defects they will NOT accept returns. This being said, we also will NOT accept returns. So please keep this in mind when you are placing your order.

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